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Funniest Ever Stand Up Comedians On Got Talent

Added on Jan 6, 2016 From Got Talent Global

We take a look at some of the best comedians to make us laugh around the world!

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86703 Likes,     2544 Dislikes,     8857741 Views,     5833 Comments

Ammon Janey Says:

Jan 21, 2018 - BADUM TS

Paigreanna Snyder Says:

Jan 21, 2018 - Nice shows

Yaz Baby Says:

Jan 21, 2018 - That first guys last joke made me cringe

Jack Says:

Jan 20, 2018 - The ending really ruined this video for me not because he's disable but because he couldn't stop stuttering.

Pine-sol Says:

Jan 19, 2018 - that first kid's ending made me choke on my food lmao

Dota Atod Says:

Jan 19, 2018 - The last guy was just horrible and I didn't get how people found that funny?

Psycho Cyclone Says:

Jan 18, 2018 - I like how these people use their disabilities as comedic theme

Chad Sorley-Spencer Says:

Jan 16, 2018 - The only thing funny about this guy is he can't say a sentence without sounding like a broken record

Lily• Bee• Says:

Jan 15, 2018 - I love drew

Leslie Fisher Says:

Jan 15, 2018 - It's hard for mom to work 3 jobs!!! XD