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People Made Fun Of My Body In A Bikini

Added on Jan 2, 2018 From storybooth

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Rebecca has never been okay with her body. She was super skinny, then she added some weight, and then did a diet andhad weight loss, and that left stretch marks - just some extra skin here and there, but it made her really self-conscious and insecure about her weight, and her body, and the clothes and bathing suits she chose to wear. She wore jeans almost all the time, and if she had to wear shorts they were always longer, and with bathing suits - never in a bikini.

One day Rebecca was in the car with a bunch of her friends just riding around, and they decided they would head to the beach to spend the day. She told them she didn't have her swimsuit or a towel or anything that she needed to go to the beach, but her friends were like "don't worry so much, we'll buy everything we need once we're there."

The group sent Rebecca and her friend Trina to the grocery store to buy drinks and food for a beach picnic, and they said they would get everything else. When Trina and Rebecca got back from food shopping all of their friends were already lying out in the sun getting tan and playing in the waves.

They had bought bathing suits - bikinis - for Trina and Rebecca and tossed them over to them. It may have been fine for Trina, but it WAS NOT what Rebecca wanted. It was a super teeny tiny little string bikini. She was already so insecure about her body and she didn't need kids making fun of her body in a bikini.

She tried to come up with something, anything to get her out of having to put that bathing suit on, so she said she was having her period, but that didn't work because someone just grabbed tampons for her. There was no easy way out.

She went into the changing room, put the suit on, and stood looking at her body and her stretch marks and thinking to herself, 'my god, what am i going to do?" She grabbed a big towel and wrapped it around her whole body, shoulders to toes. When she came out Trina saw her all covered up and said: "Hey, don't worry about it, just take off your towel and swim."

So, she got her courage up and dropped her towel, and there was like this total silence on the beach - everyone did a double-take and just stood there staring at her. Except for this one girl from her school named Peaches - a real B----! -- who walked right up to her and called her disgusting and said she couldn't go in the water looking like that.

Trina heard that, walked right over to Peaches and pushed her down into the sand (now that's a good friend!). Peaches got sand in her eyes and started screaming and crying and so all the boys came over to see what was going. Even with Peaches lying in the sand crying, and Trina standing over her, still, they just stood there and stared at Rebecca and her stretch marks in her tiny little bathing suit. Shame and body shame her which is just totally wrong.

Rebecca was so embarrassed she burst into tears and ran back to the changing room and immediately put her clothes back on. When she came out her best friend was there waiting for her. She offered to take Rebecca straight home and on the way she called her Mom. Her Mom helped her, told her not to worry about what other people think and to just do and be and wear what makes her comfortable - you don't have to be perfect for anybody, just happy with yourself.

Now Rebecca feels comfortable with herself, with her stretch marks and her body, and she wears what she likes and not what other people think she should wear.

- - -

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Nigel Sy Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - My beautiful bikini, likes that, being loving me favor princess.

HevaniMinions Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - 👏🏼

yumik foxisa foxyfox Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - The girl on the start said i have a problem with my budy

Oddgirlygamer 123 Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - ( just to say where I live we don't have middle school it's just year 7 and you start high school at year 8) so I am very uncomfortable with my body like every part of me looks bad, at least that's how I feel. I have had many people say don't say that you look beautiful and I can take a complement but deep down I always feel like that complement is fake. Which doesn't help the way I feel about myself. After awhile of hate mostly me that's doing all of the hate, I now suffer from anxiety attacks when I go out of the house. It's not fun. But this year I'm starting high school which means I'm 13, and thats more stress and anxiety that I don't need. But I do have some activities that distract me from the hate and one of them is art ( I'm obsessed with art ) and my cat, these are this that give me a plus for myself. So to anyone who suffers from anxiety or a stress disorder the only thing I can say is to distract yourself. I can't say the same for people how suffer from depression cause that way different to stress and anxiety. Welp that all I have to say and yeah 😐

min yoongay. Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - this is why i never swim. and i love swimming. :C

3d 4d Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - Everyone is beautiful ❤️ but it's a cruel and unfair world out there

Jennifer Resendiz Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - It's the same thing but the scratches are hair and I can't shave because in only 11

Hebe Mayes Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - Don't you get hot in the summer?

Vocal Neko Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - Don't worry i have a skin condition which makes me tanned and white at le same time which sucks but hey, loving yourself is what matters am i right :) oh and i have knifu cuts on my arms from pass depression but i am doing great now!!

ScarredWillow #HamilTrash Says:

Jan 23, 2018 - I have strech marks by my shoulders but its because my bust is big...and I have thems on my hips because my butt is big also ._. It sounds weird when u ssy it out loud.